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FARMa Edibles is an artisan brand of Nano Amplified CBD Edibles. With a variety of products ranging from CBD Gummies to FARMa is your best option for a satisfying dose of CBD. We set ourselves apart by offering gourmet products utilizing the fastest absorbing CBD on the market.

Getting a good D8 gummy these days might be challenging, but thankfully you are in the right spot because, in Emerald Corp, we made the best D8 gummies infused with a delicious apple flavor. Our D8 gummy formula is something that you’ve never experienced before; it is made in a way to give you the most long-lasting and pleasurable effect possible. There are 20 servings in the package, each weighing 25mg, and they are highly infused with D8 because we wanted to make sure you will get the most of our product. Now, let us tell you all about D8 apple rings and about D8 in general.

Nano Technology has dawned a new era of the CBD industry.The use of Nano Amplified CBD in our products have allowed us create a product that has the hightest possible bioavailability. This means the absorption rate at which the CBD enters your body will be much faster, giving you the best results.


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