Ooze Flow Grinder Red

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The Ooze Flow Grinder is the best two piece plastic grinder on the market! The Flow Grinder features 18 sharp plastic teeth that will grind up your dry herb, spices, and seeds with ease and dispensing port at the tip for a spill proof experience. The Ooze Flow mini grinder is equipt with a silicon smell proof storage container at the top to hold freshly ground spices and dry herb.
The Ooze Flow Grinder is a two piece grinder like no other! Remove the top of the grinder and place your product in the chamber. Activate the Flow herb crusher by twisting the pointed end of the grinder until it pops out, then begin grinding! While grinding, your product will funnel down the pointed tip and dispense the spice or herb into your papers or bowl for a hands off, mess free experience. Once you are done grinding twist the tip back to the original position to secure the grinder.
We understand people worry about where to put the goods and keep it fresh, that problem is solved thanks to the smell proof stash jar attached to your Ooze Flow spice herb grinder! Pop open the top and store it away for your next sesh.
At Ooze we know not all of our customers live boldly so we always keep discretion in mind when creating new products. The stash container has a tight seal that leaves you at ease knowing your product or the smell won’t spill out.
The Ooze Flow grinder for herb is small and compact which makes it perfect as your on the go grinder. Take it with you on your next road trip or hike, it fits perfectly in any bag. Eliminate the need for a grinder and a storage container when you have your TWO IN ONE Ooze Flow grinder and container built together.


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